Supporting courageous and passionate entrepreneurs with bold ambitions to build a business on a global scale.

VC fund focused on pre-seed and seed investments in Slovakia.

We invest in Slovak's most ambitious start-ups:

26 Portfolio companies

Investment up to 1.6 million €

Investing in Slovakia

About us

Vision Ventures

Vision Ventures is a VC investor focused on pre-seed and seed investments in Slovakia, providing investment up to EUR 1.6 million. We support courageous and passionate entrepreneurs with bold ambitions to build a business on the global scale.

Our Vision & Mission

We’ll help you grow your idea exponentially.


The innovations and new technologies dynamically changing the world fascinate us. We believe that these opportunities can make the world a better place for everyone. Therefore, we want to search for unique companies and help them in their successful growth.


We seek and actively connect ideas, people and a capital for the exponential growth of a company. We support ideas or companies at the beginning of their journey. We are not just a passive investor, we also have experience, skills and energy to actively help our companies achieve mutual success.

Vision Ventures

Our investment strategy

Investment size

We usually make investments between €100 thousand and €800 thousand, maximum up to €1,6 million. The actual investment size depends mainly on the need for financing and the development stage of the company.


We have a generalist approach and we are open to various sectors. A strong growth potential and the team able to deliver are what is important to us.


We invest in companies that are based and operate in Slovakia. The company in which we invest cannot be registered with the Business Register more than five years at the moment of investment.

Investment horizon

We intent to hold our stake in the company for longer period of time, from 3 to 8 years. We can actively invest our funds by the end of 2023, the final closure of the fund is by the end of 2029.

Vision Ventures

Portfolio companies


Representing the future of contracting by bringing consumer-like experience into the world of robust corporate tools.


Transforming your smart device into AI-powered medical tool


Developing autonomous drones for business applications and intelligent AI solutions for drone developers.


Protecting the heart and soul of your business. Simple, fast and affordable trademark registration.


Helping restaurants to reach profitability and focus on what they love: Food.


Global Sales platform where deals are closed.


Everything for the management of HR processes. Managing and controlling human resources in intuitive, fun and very easy way.


Developing not only a new generation of modular and universal Intelligent drives for the global market, but also a new concept of mechatronic structure for the automation robotic systems.

What our founders say

Our Team



Tomáš Bél

Tomáš is an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year 2010 in Slovakia and a serial entrepreneur with many successful projects. His strength is orientation and experience in many different areas and business sectors. During his career, he has gained hands-on experience in almost all areas of company management. Recently, he has been working on technology and digital innovation. He completed several study stays abroad, such as Harvard Business School and London Business School. He is a member of the Harvard Business Alumni Club.


Gabriel Horváth

Gabriel is an investment professional with experience and expertise in fund management, project finance and venture capital. He began his career at the Ernst & Young consulting company in the audit department, specialising in financial institutions. Subsequently, he worked in management companies and an investment bank where he focused on project financing and investment in the areas of the SME segment, infrastructure and real estate. Gabriel is a CFA® charterholder and a member of CFA Society Slovakia.

Investment Manager

Jakub Dvorský

Jakub is an experienced professional combining his background in law and consulting. After the completion of his law studies and experience in law firms, he started to work in consulting at PricewaterhouseCoopers. During his tenure, he helped international and local companies with their M&A, due diligence and restructuring projects. He also focused on corporate income tax compliance and advisory work, mainly for the major international companies operating in various areas of business.
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