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Airvolute develops autonomous drones for business applications and intelligent AI solutions for drone developers.


Protecting the heart and soul of your business. Simple, fast and affordable trademark registration.


Cultureboard is Culture Improvement System for modern HR managers powered by memes, fun and good vibes.


Everything for the management of HR processes. Managing and controlling human resources in intuitive, fun and very easy way.


Complex e-shop management for a successful online business and its unlimited growth.


Cequence represents the future of contracting by bringing consumer-like experience into the world of robust corporate tools.


Moneyhoon is a hybrid robo-advisor solution that helps clients improve their financial situation & manage and acquire relevant financial products.


Developing not only a new generation of modular and universal Intelligent drives for the global market, but also a new concept of mechatronic structure for the automation robotic systems.


Futu brings foods for a better, greener and healthier future. They are nutritionally valuable, made with the planet in mind and most importantly, surprisingly tasty.



Portfolio management software for Private Equity & Venture Capital. A trusted source of insight for successful data-driven investment strategies.


Zooza is the only all-in-one tool for managing regular courses and meetings with perfect support. It relieves duties and saves up to 95% of administrative time.


Verdikto provides simple, fast and transparent access to the legal support.


Selling tickets like it’s 2025. The World’s first platform for selling tickets and NFT tickets.

Revolutionary solution allowing companies and individuals to order development of CSS code for their website, ideally in minutes and within a few clicks.


Finding ideal spots for EV chargers using location intelligence based on big data analytics and AI.


Easier, human-free accounting. AI powered best friend of a freelancer or business owner that plays along nicely with an accountant as well.


Nativero offers a unique way to translate a website. E-commerce translations utilising artificial intelligence checked by native speakers. Incredibly fast, economically accessible and high-quality solution for every e-shop.

Media Platform

Changing the way journalists, professionals and advertisers work today with focus on creating, placing and distributing native advertising.


Digitising gastronomy by providing technology for ordering processes, so restaurants can focus on the cooking.

Improving the shopping experience by using AI to understand the content and context of a product images and customer behaviour to create the personalised content for each of the customers in every part of the journey.


Digital adoption platform capable of ensuring that deployed software delivers the best digital employee experience and business outcomes possible.


Focusing on development and production of professional tools for many forces with the emphasis on safety. The flagship product SAFESTICK reacts to the need for visibility on the roads and is specially modified for police and other safety and protective branches.


Streamlining the process of organising team travel. Automating the time consuming parts and focusing on what matters most when bringing remote teams together.


Revolutionary cash register that takes a business to a whole new level. It is designed to bring efficiency, save time and money.

Elysium Spa

Smart technology sauna enabling to see the real-time occupancy and book an appointment without complications and worries.

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